„Safety Tips for Ladies“ – oder gelungene Twitter-Mems

Twitter schafft es immer wieder, mir durchaus gute Laune zu bereiten, so auch mit den Vorschlägen, was Frauen tun könnten, um nicht vergewaltigt zu werden.

Erklärung hier

und die besten Tweets, die ich dazu gelesen habe:

#safetytipsforladies My underwear is made out of Capri Sun pouch material. You ever tried poking a hole in that shit?

— Sigers (@FlyLibrarian) 26. März 2013

#safetytipsforladies some lizards can remove their tails to escape predators. Try doing that with your vagina.

— Rachael Lefler (@RachaelLefler) 26. März 2013

#safetytipsforladies as 100% of rapes happen in 3D, we advise you to re-develop yourself for 2D, and turn sideways in the event of a threat.

— Tori N Turner (@miscreancy) 26. März 2013

#safetytipsforladies Most rape victims are human. Consider becoming an inanimate object, such as a a pencil or a building.

— yllek (@goodnightkelly) 26. März 2013

Actual last one: #safetytipsforladies Split yourself into 7 different horcruxes so you are only at risk of being 14% raped.

— Kevin Bondelli (@kbondelli) 26. März 2013

Rapists find extreme heat uncomfortable. Consider living in the center of the sun or other nearby star. #safetytipsforladies

— Regina Buenaobra (@Brinstar) 26. März 2013

Most rapes happen on Earth, so move to the moon.#safetytipsforladies

— CommanderShepard (@MyLittleFemShep) 26. März 2013

Rapists try to force themselves between your legs.Prevent this by becoming a mermaid #safetytipsforladies

— mollycrabapple (@mollycrabapple) 26. März 2013

I’m told rapes happen because of bad decisions. Never make any decisions. Decide nothing, ever. #safetytipsforladies

— Emmy Bengtson (@EmmyA2) 25. März 2013

#safetytipsforladies When leaving house, fill mouth with ink. If attacked, squirt ink at rapist, propel yourself to safety with your 8 limbs

— Bex B (@IamBexB) 25. März 2013

Most rapes happen above ground. Build a sprawling underground lair and adapt to a life without sun. #safetytipsforladies

— Dana Contreras (@DanaDanger) 25. März 2013

Rapes usually occur at places during times, invent your own space-time continuum and just go there. #safetytipsforladies

— Li Wi (@Liwi09) 25. März 2013

Most rapists are people you know. Shoot and kill everyone you know. #safetytipsforladies

— Imani ABL (@AngryBlackLady) 25. März 2013

Don’t be anywhere. 100% of rapes happen in places and locations. #safetytipsforladies

— Conna Stevenson (@1000DaysOfRain) 25. März 2013

If you are attacked, go Super Saiyajin. Your pubic hair will go blonde & spiky and shred his boyparts. #safetytipsforladies

— N. K. Jemisin (@nkjemisin) 25. März 2013

Consider splicing your genes with those of a pufferfish so that you expand with spikiness whenever a rapist comes near #safetytipsforladies

— Kim (@CaptKimothy) 25. März 2013

When going anywhere alone, set yourself on fire.Remember:They can’t rape you if you’re on fire.#safetytipsforladies

— RamenKing (@RamenKing) 25. März 2013


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